Reading the Decans: Seeds of Dominion [Aries I]

This series, "Reading the Decans," will be my personal journey through the 36 decans of the astrological year and the 36 minor arcana of the tarot associated with them.  Roughly every 10 days, I'll post the next installment, until the year is complete.

We begin with the first decan of Aries.

With the 2 of Wands we begin a new year. The vernal equinox balances the hours of light and darkness, but from this point forward we will see only increasing light until the first decan of Libra (2 of Swords); from September 21st to March 20th, the moon will assume her queenship.  But right now, in a sense, we of the northern hemisphere are entering the sun's realm. 

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TSC interview on Cosmic Keys podcast, 2/17/19

Last week I had the chance to chat with Scarlet and Dan of the very new “Cosmic Keys” podcast. Each episode features a week-ahead forecast (using both astrology and tarot), followed by interviews with guests from the spiritual and occult community. We talked about tarot as an opener of worlds, tarot in an academic context, Tarot Correspondences, and much more.

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Paradoxes of the Head-blind

Head-blind. That’s a term I first heard in Ivo Dominguez’s Keys to Perception: A Practical Guide to Psychic Development. It means, I think, “not particularly psychic”. Not seeing ghosts. Not reading minds. Not bending spoons. Not having visions. Normal, in other words. Or, as they might put it at Hogwarts, a Squib. Upon stumbling upon the term, I embraced it with glad recognition. That’s what I am! I thought. There’s a name for it! I’m head-blind.

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TSC interview on Nox Mente, 1/30/19

Last night, I had one of the more interesting conversations I’ve had in these many months. Nox Mente (“Night Mind”) is a podcast devoted to dreams and dreamers; each week co-hosts Niish and Jerry interview guests in the occultural community about their dreams and beliefs about dreaming.

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