Reading the Decans: Beauty Weds the Architect [Aries III]

The final decan of Aries arrives with a welcome taste of coppery sweetness, after the grip of martial iron and the blaze of solar gold.  For ten days Venus shall hold court here.  There has been conquest (2 of Wands), there has been government (3 of Wands); now comes the ritual celebration that announces a sovereign's reign.  Perhaps this is what the Golden Dawn meant when they named this card the Lord of "Perfected Work".

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Reading the Decans: Kingdom of Gold [Aries II]

The ruthless conquest has passed. In the 3 of Wands, we see the reconstruction of the land and the power of good government to attend to the well-being of all.  An Emperor has many jobs: he must conquer (2 of Wands), he must govern (3 of Wands), and he must celebrate (4 of Wands) or ritualize his leadership, if his reign is to last.

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Reading the Decans: Seeds of Dominion [Aries I]

This series, "Reading the Decans," will be my personal journey through the 36 decans of the astrological year and the 36 minor arcana of the tarot associated with them.  Roughly every 10 days, I'll post the next installment, until the year is complete.

We begin with the first decan of Aries.

With the 2 of Wands we begin a new year. The vernal equinox balances the hours of light and darkness, but from this point forward we will see only increasing light until the first decan of Libra (2 of Swords); from September 21st to March 20th, the moon will assume her queenship.  But right now, in a sense, we of the northern hemisphere are entering the sun's realm. 

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