I read tarot in-person on Thursdays (1pm-6pm) and 3rd Saturdays (12pm-6pm)  at Inspirit Crystals in Northampton.

219 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060
413-585-1169 for appointments.

Rates at the shop are:
$40 for a 30-minute reading
$60 for a 45-minute reading
$75 for a 60-minute reading

I always recommend that clients give some thought ahead of time to what they'd like to read about.  Specific questions are welcome, as are specific areas of concern. 

I never mind answering the general question What's my future?  But be prepared for a time-consuming lecture on fate, free will, and the effects of intention on reality.  By the time I'm done you'll wish you'd just gone ahead and asked what would happen if you took that job.

If you don't live in the area, do not despair!  I also offer:

To request any of the above, contact me here.

I’ve been reading tarot for 20 years, starting from my first gig moonlighting at a coffee shop in Manhattan’s theatre district. I believe that a tarot deck is a map of our lives in miniature, and that when we do a reading, we marry our lives to the power of story in profound and transformative ways. I also believe that the cards are an extraordinarily powerful tool for unlocking magic in ourselves, even at those moments – and we all have them – when we believe we have none.

I like to read for people who are confronting big questions and big choices. I find the oracular process very calming and focusing at those moments when your life seems to be pivoting right round on Fortuna’s wheel. I also like reading for other readers, since many of us find it harder to read for ourselves than for others.

In my readings you can expect real takeaways: actions you can take, insights to bear in mind, and clear signals about what to embrace and what to leave behind. I’m here to read for you in a compassionate, confidential, and judgement-free way; to help you find perspective when events go awry, to find light when all windows are murky. and to find paths when the way ahead seems impassable.

As a reader, I draw from many schools of interpretation. Although my foundations are in straight pictorial interpretation, I also make use of astrology, Kabbalah, “open” reading, and a number of other techniques developed in the tarot classes I teach. I read primarily for insight, but predictive elements do crop up from time to time.

When you schedule your reading, it is helpful to have a question or area of concern you’d like to know more about.  Readings are a collaborative process; a conversation in which insight and interpretation arise out of a shared spirit of inquiry.  I’m not a clairvoyant, channel, or medium.  But after all these years I know I can trust the cards to speak to most life situations with uncanny clarity – as I repeatedly tell bewildered clients, that’s just tarot.

I use many different tarot decks. Please feel free to specify which deck you’d like me to use from this list of favorites:

  • Rider Waite Smith (by Pamela Colman Smith & Arthur Edward Waite)

  • Uusi Pagan Otherworlds (by Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham)

  • Wildwood Tarot (by by John Matthews and Mark Ryan)

  • Light and Shadow Tarot (by Brian Williams and Michael Goepferd)

  • Tarot de Marseille (Noblet – Flornoy edition)

  • Deviant Moon (by Patrick Valenza)

  • Art of Life (by Charlene Livingstone)

  • Tabula Mundi (by M. M. Meleen)

If you favor a particular deck which you’d like me to work with, you can also check with me to see if I have it in my collection.