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Fortune’s Wheelhouse is the free esoteric tarot podcast I host with Mel Meleen.  It airs each Wednesday and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and most podcast services. You can find our show on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherPodbean, or wherever you download podcasts.

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We are taking a journey through the mysteries of the tarot, its symbolism and lore.  Whether you've been reading tarot for decades or you just picked up your first Rider-Waite-Smith deck last week, we hope you'll join us.  Why does the Empress wear a crown of 12 stars?  Why is the Thoth deck's Hierophant sitting on a giant bull? Symbols belong to everybody, but they don't explain themselves!  We'll do our best to unpack and decode what you see on the card, so you can deepen your own interpretations and develop your fluency as a reader.

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