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Use the Power of Correspondences to Breathe New Life and Magic into Your Tarot Practice

Correspondences are woven into the structure of every modern deck. Focusing on four main systems of correspondences—the elements, astrology, numbers, and Kabbalah—this remarkable book helps you explore and integrate the images, associations, and myths that give tarot its unique power.

Author T. Susan Chang provides comprehensive correspondence tables for court cards, majors, minors, and the four suits, making this book your must-have resource whether you’re a student, professional reader, spiritual seeker, or magical practitioner. Tarot Correspondences also shares methods for working with correspondences in readings, focusing on elements, astrology, numbers, or Kabbalah separately or in combination. You’ll also discover meditation and visualization exercises, creative interpretation techniques, and tips for using correspondences to enhance spells and magical rituals. With this book, you’ll create your own magnificent system for journeying deep into the cards and strengthening your practice.

T. Susan Chang is a writer and teacher who began moonlighting as a tarot reader in New York more than twenty years ago. She cohosts the Fortune’s Wheelhouse esoteric tarot podcast, and is the creator of the Arcana Case® for tarot decks, available here. She teaches occasional tarot classes and conducts tarot readings in person in Northampton, Massachusetts. She lives in western New England.


“Tarot Correspondences is a great investment in your tarot journey whether you’re a new or seasoned reader. “
- Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal

“Whether you're new at tarot or have been into the cards for years, Tarot Correspondences (and it's copious amounts of charts and exercises) will expand your knowledge by revealing the inner workings of the cards and how they relate to Astrology, Qabalah, Elements, etc. “ - Darrin Griffin

“This is a great addition to any tarot readers reference library. If you are looking for data and charts, it is a one stop resource for accessing tons of information. I recommend a physical copy, I have had mine for less than a month and it’s already starting to get dog-earred! The information is organized well. I highly recommended for both beginners and experienced readers alike.” - Nya Thryce

“What an amazing book! This is an absolutely essential text and will become a classic as time goes on. The level of detail and depth that T. Susan Chang has achieved is astounding and thorough and I am enjoying reading through and looking up things as well as I continue my studies. It's a total must have for anyone's library who is interested in, learning or is a master of tarot.” - Krisztina Lazar

“T. Susan Chang's friendly approach opens up infinite worlds of tarot correspondences without being overly woo-woo or inscrutable. For serious readers, this is the go-to resource you'll want on your bedstand or next to your altar. All the pieces and parts fit together in well-designed tables that connect the dots between Qabalah, alchemy, the zodiac, even obscure hermetic teachings. Whether you're trying to open a personal portal to the 32 Paths of Wisdom, or if you just want to know if Aunt Betty is going to bring Key lime pie to Thanksgiving again, this book will point you in the right direction.” - Mark Royse