This Thursday, June 6th: Fortune's Wheelhouse returns! and TSC reading at Booklink Booksellers in Northampton

Exciting news for all fans of the Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast! Mel and I will be returning with Season 3 of Fortune’s Wheelhouse on Thursday of this week. It’ll be the first of seven episodes devoted to the seven traditional planets, and how their influences play out through the tarot deck. We’ll be observing Chaldean order, which is Saturn - Jupiter - Mars - Sun - Venus - Mercury - Moon. Except we’ll be going in ascending order and starting with the Moon. I mean, would you want to start with Saturn?!

(We were going to release it on Wednesday, June 5th, but the skies are going to be absolute garbage that day, astrologically speaking. Moon conjunct Mars! followed by opposition with Saturn! then Pluto! we figured better to wait for the Moon-Venus sextile early Thursday.)

While you’re waiting, here’s my very lunar Hymn to Oneiros - good for Moon workings! or just falling asleep to and hunting for dreams.

The Orphic Hymn to Dream is one of the last to appear in the sequence of Orphic Hymns. The final three hymns form an intriguing triptych: To Sleep (#85), To Dream (#86), To Death (#87). The Dream hymn presents the spirit of dreaming as a moral force - one who has the power to offer truthful messages from the gods, as well as actionable advice!

Also on Thursday, I’ll be doing an book signing for Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers at Booklink Booksellers in Northampton with local folk magician Karol Jackowski. If you’re local, come and bring your own tarot deck for some card work and spells! and/or your copy of Tarot Correspondences for signing.

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