TSC interview on Mad Mister Mark's Podcast of Mystery, 5/11/19

I've done a lot of interviews in the last several months, but I think this might be one of my favorites. 'Mad Mister Mark' is a multi-talented radio guy, design-o-phile, and esoteric practitioner. His questions really got me thinking about the everyday mysteries we engage in as diviners. Plus I enjoy the format of the show, which is sort of Prairie Home Companion meets Western Magical Tradition.

I feel as if I have a particular stake in Mark’s creative success, since the Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast played a role in bringing his esoteric self into a more public light. As practitioners, we provide a permission structure for one another to grow in our arts and interests. Hear that bell ringing? another occultist has just earned their wings!

Mad Mister Mark’s Podcast of Mystery will soon be available on iTunes, but in the meantime, here’s where you can hear the episode. The interview with me starts at 0:10:00, but the show has a lot of different cool segments worth exploring - enjoy!