Making videos is a very occasional pastime for me.  I do have hopes of completing a complete series of the planetary Orphic Hymns (#9 to Selene, #65 to Ares, #28 to Hermes, #15 to Zeus, #55 to Aphrodite, #13 to Kronos, #18 to Helios).  In the meantime, though, other divinities are liable to appear in the queue as I wander through their realms in search of favor or forbearance.



It's been about a year since I've posted a video, since I am shockingly slow at assembling them. However, Allhallowtide is upon us once again, and I thought we might celebrate with Orphic Hymn no. 87 to Thanatos.

All Hallows' Eve falls on a Wednesday this year. Wednesday belongs to my lord Mercury, otherwise known as Hermes, sometimes known as Thoth, also known as ἑρμηνεῦ πάντων (interpreter of all), λυσιμέριμνε (releaser from care), φίλε θνητοῖς ἐν ἀνάγκαις (helper of mortals in need).

The Orphic Hymn to Dream is one of the last to appear in the sequence of Orphic Hymns. The final three hymns form an intriguing triptych: To Sleep (#85), To Dream (#86), To Death (#87). The Dream hymn presents the spirit of dreaming as a moral force - one who has the power to offer truthful messages from the gods, as well as actionable advice!
This happened because I was trying to memorize the Hymn to Hermes, and I thought it would be easier if I recorded it and played it back to myself. Then I realized it had 12 lines - just like the 12 signs of the zodiac!
A companion project to the Orphic Hymn to Hermes, created for the same reasons and with the same basic materials. The tarot art is my friend Mel Meleen's 12 zodiacal Major Arcana from the Tabula Mundi tarot deck, along with the 5 Minor Arcana associated with Jupiter.


The speed guide to making the most insanely difficult tarot case in human history. (Those who purchase the Arcana Case® pattern receive a full 40-minute instructional video.)

The tighter the fit, the better, when it comes to an Arcana Case®. But sometimes folks find that challenging. This is a ridiculous, sort of sleazy-raunchy video I made demonstrating the correct technique for shimmying recalcitrant decks into tight-fitting cases.

If you don’t listen to the music or read the captions, it’s almost SFW.

I can’t even explain why I did this really. There was a spate of “Hitler Reacts” (aka Üntergang) meme videos going around in 2015 and I thought, what if Hitler read tarot? what if he pulled the Happy Squirrel card?

At any rate, I thought Bruno Ganz’ portrayal of a troubled cartomancer was quite affecting.

You can make your own “Hitler reacts” video at