I like nothing better than talking about divination and magic with other people who like talking about divination and magic. Here’s links to some of the podcast conversations I’ve enjoyed having with folks.

Holes to Heavens with Adam Sommer
The Tarot with T. Susan Chang (Dec. 13, 2018)

Rune Soup with Gordon White
Episode 153: Talking Tarot and Meaning with T. Susan Chang (Nov. 14, 2018)

Occulture with Ryan Peverly
Queen of Cups: Tarot Correspondences, Water Symbolism, and the Dial of Fate (Nov. 13, 2018)

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio with Miguel Conner
Susan Chang on Tarot Magic and Correspondences (Nov. 7, 2018)

The Tarot Visions podcast with RoseRed Robinson and Jaymi Elford
Rose and Jaymi Chat Charts with T. Susan Chang (Nov. 2, 2018)

The Hermit’s Lamp podcast with Andrew McGregor (Sep. 21, 2018)
Episode 87. The Orisha Tarot with Andrew McGregor (in which I interview Andrew about his newly released deck)

Occulture podcast with Ryan Peverly (Mar. 5, 2018)
Episode 70. Susie Chang & Mel Meleen in “The Hierophant” // Tarot, Fortune, Esoteric Correspondences & How to Abide