AUTODIDACT: Perfume for Knowledge Seekers

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autodidact 1.jpg

AUTODIDACT: Perfume for Knowledge Seekers


Lover of knowledge, seeker of truth
Your library holds all the universe.
Belief is your ocean, cracked bindings your fleet.
You sail the path of the arrow
You weigh ancient thoughts in your scales. 

You sit in an oak-paneled library filled with ancient leather-bound volumes and curios collected from around the world. On the reading table a vase of full-blown roses sits by an open window, petals scattered by the breezes. Far below the sounds of a busy market port float upwards, bearing the scent of carved woods, precious spices, and the sea. It is the scent of adventure, of the love of learning, of journeys through the wide and wonderful world.

I originally composed AUTODIDACT as a custom astrological perfume for Meg, who is one of the erudite listeners of the Fortune's Wheelhouse esoteric tarot podcast (co-hosted by myself and Mel Meleen). It is an expansive, woody amber scent with hints of citrus and spice. Meg's chart carries a heavy emphasis on Jupiter, patron god of explorations, systems of belief, and scholarly inquiries. So I included numerous essences sacred to Jupiter, including Peru balsam, cedar, clove, and saffron. Also present is gracious Venus, who lends her sweetness to this scent with labdanum, vanilla, and roses.

Because Autodidact falls under the auspices of Jupiter and Venus, it is made only on Thursdays and Fridays (at either the hour of Venus or the hour of Jupiter). Each bottle holds 15ml. For those curious, the sigil on the label is the Seal of Jupiter from Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy".

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