Arcana Cases in Esoteric Prints

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Tabula Selenographica open.jpg
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Solomon's Black.jpg
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Arcana Cases in Esoteric Prints

from 32.50

- Natural silk lining; elegant patterned exterior
- Sturdy machine-sewn seams
- Front pocket for cardboard insert or daily card
- Close-fitting clamshell closure
- Clean lines and compact form
- INNER LINING: 100% natural, off-white silk. 
- OUTER COVER: Cool crisp 100% cotton... 

- - - TABULA SELENOGRAPHICA: printed with antique celestial maps of the moon and zodiacal constellations.
- - - NOX STELLATA GLOW-IN-THE-DARK: midnight blue, with actual constellations printed with a fluorescent coating for a strong glow-in-the-dark effect.
- - - NATURAL MYSTERIES print featuring hand-colored engravings from 19th century natural history illustrations. Stunning winged and creepy crawlies in a rich, subtle palette.
- - - SOLOMON'S BLACK print featuring esoteric planispheres, sigils, and grimoire material.
- - - SOPRAFINO PRINT the classic Il Meneghello "Tarocco Italiano" design, as published in 1845 by Dotti.

- STANDARD OPTIONS: Tarotista offers the following standard sizing options.
• "Standard A" Case for 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 1" (70 x 120 x 25mm) deck. Most Rider-Waite [aka Waite-Smith] decks will fit this case, as well as many U.S. Games tarot decks. It is the most common size of deck. 
• "Standard B" Case for 2 5/8" x 4 3/4" x 1" (66 x 120 x 25mm) deck. Most Lo Scarabeo decks will fit this case.

- CUSTOM SIZING: I can construct an Arcana Case to most sizes of deck. If you would like an Arcana Case in a non-standard size, select the "Custom Size" option above. Then contact me with the EXACT height, width, and depth of your deck, measured to within 1/16" or 1mm. (I cannot issue refunds on custom cases, so please DOUBLE- and TRIPLE-check your measurements!)

- CUSTOM LINING: Arcana Cases come with natural white silk lining. But for a nominal upcharge you can choose a contrasting lining in one of 20 vivid colors! Simply select the "custom lining" option for the appropriate size in the drop-down menu, and add a note with your order to let me know what you chose.

Lining choices:
A. Champagne gloss
B. Butter gloss
C. Goldenrod matte
D. Bubble rose gloss
E. Coral dupioni
F. Deep magenta gloss
G. Dark rose dupioni
H. Tobacco dupioni
I. Pale aqua dupioni
J. Celery dupioni
K. Spring green dupioni
L. Ribbed emerald
M. Sage dupioni
N. Dove grey matte
O. Steel blue dupioni
P. Grey-mauve dupioni
Q. Deep plum gloss
R. Indigo dupioni
S. Violet dupioni
T. Midnight black gloss


As a longtime tarot reader, I've hunted for the ideal tarot receptacle for years - elegant, clean-cut, portable. I wanted clean lines, without drawstrings or ties or belts. I didn't want an open sack that could spill out its precious contents in my purse. I didn't want a bulky box whose corners could get crunched and broken and jostled. Nothing was quite right - so I designed one.

The Arcana Case is a lined and highly structured yet resilient cloth case. It closes like a cigarette box or clamshell, and when closed the case is close-fitting enough that it will not open on its own. Top-stitching, internal interfacing, and a removable cardboard insert help to maintain the boxlike structure, so that if your Arcana Case should happen to be flattened or crushed the shape can easily be restored by quickly ironing the creases.

If you wish, you can remove the cardboard insert, which sits in an opening between the lining and cover, in the front panel of the case. The opening also serves as a convenient place to stow your Card of the Day - or any other individual card you wish to set apart for contemplation or study.

DO YOU SEW? If you're an experienced sewist, you can buy the pattern instead of the case. See "The Arcana Case Pattern'" listing in the Tarotista shop. You can download it right now!


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